Kurtlee Pillay
Durban - An Arts student begged for his life while three men stabbed and punched him repeatedly. The same men, Blaine Raman, Dinesh Nana and Bilal Tayob, then allegedly pushed him out of the car and over a rail at the side of the road and drove off.

Twenty-year-old Kurtlee Pillay’s death will forever be etched in Nana’s mind. He gave chilling evidence in the Durban High Court this week where Raman pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances and murder.

Nana and Tayob had confessed to their involvement in ­Pillay’s death. Nana is currently serving an eight-year sentence.

Nana testified that on November 4, 2014, he, Tayob and Raman lured Pillay to Raman’s VW Golf under the pretence that the car would not start. Pillay had been on his way home from work and saw the men at Raman’s car.

“He greeted us. We told him there was something wrong with the car and he came to check. He managed to tighten the cable which Blaine had loosened.

“Kurtlee said he needed to get home and gave us some weed and tried to walk away. We grabbed him and pushed him into the car. Bilal and I held him down and Kurtlee asked what was going on. We told him that we were taking a f****** drive. Bilal and I started swearing at him. After a while, I felt that Kurtlee’s pants were wet. There was blood. I am not sure if Bilal was stabbing him during the assault. He was trying to block his face,” Nana said.

He said they searched for Kurtlee’s phone and asked him to unlock it.

“Kurtlee unlocked the phone and Blaine searched his WhatsApp. Blaine saw messages between Kurtlee and Blaine’s ex-girlfriend. He stopped at the side of the road and started hitting Kurtlee. He saw messages where Kurtlee and the girl were calling each other ‘sweetie’ and asked how Kurtlee could betray him.

“Kurtlee said he would never do that. Blaine asked Kurtlee if he thought he (Blaine) was a ****. Kurtlee started pleading for his life and asked about his mother,” Nana said.

The men allegedly drove to the 45th Cutting area in Sherwood and continued stabbing and assaulting Kurtlee.

“We thought we saw a car driving by and we panicked. That was when we pushed him over the bank. We drove off. A few minutes later, I said I thought Kurtlee was not dead and we drove back to where we dumped his body. We saw Kurtlee, and Blaine drove over him,” Nana said.

Nana said the men drove to town where they sold Kurtlee’s phone. Nana said they bought drugs with the money.

Nana said the next morning, Raman arrived home to find a large crowd gathered where Kurtlee lived.

“Blaine still went to Kurtlee’s father and gave his condolences. He told him that the person responsible for Kurtlee’s hijacking and murder will be found,” Nana said.

The trial continues.

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