Hundreds of supporters of former president Jacob Zuma arrived at the Durban High Court on Friday for his court appearance on corruption related charges. Picture: Leon Lestrade/African News Agency/ANA
Durban - While hundreds of former president Jacob Zuma's supporters make their way from King Dinuzulu Park the Durban High Court precinct is on lockdown on Friday. 

Durban - Hundreds of Jacob Zuma supporters were making their way to the Durban High Court on Friday morning ahead of the former president's court appearance on corruption related charges.

Police, in anticipation of the throngs of people that were expected to converge on the court precinct  cordoned of Margaret Mncadi Avenue (formerly Victoria Embankment).

A large media contingent gathered on the pavement near the road leading to the court.

Opposite the court on the grass verge near the railway line a truck that converted into a mobile stage took up space surrounded by low steel fencing. The area around the court building was also fenced off.

About a dozen metro policeman stood at the entrance to the court. There did not appear to be a large contingent of police on the road other than several police mini-bus taxis and one Kasspir.

Zuma supporters heading to court were going to start at King Dinizulu Park and proceed east upon Dr Pixley Ka Seme Street. The marchers would then turn right into Dr Yusuf Dadoo and proceed south towards the bay. They would then turn left at Margaret Mncadi, and finish off at the grassy area on the bay-side of Margaret Mncadi, outside the High Court.

After his brief court appearance,  Zuma is expected to address his supporters from the stage once the court proceedings are done. Loud music blared from two speakers where a businessman set up a stall to sell DVDs and CDs adding some vibrancy to an otherwise dull atmosphere and cold weather condition. 

Ten gazebo tents sprung up on the centre median outside the court where an assortment of ANC regalia, including scarves, hats and shirts were up for sale. A table with an assortment of food like fried fish and cakes stood out with a gas bottle and pot behind it. 

Journalists from various local and international media congregate near the Durban High Court ahead of former president Jacob Zuma's court appearance. Picture: Zainul Dawood

From the flats adjacent the court people gazed out onto the events unfolding as preparations for one of the biggest court proceedings. 

Jacob Zuma is set to appear before Judge Themba Sishi on charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering. 

Zuma is set to answer to 16 charges that stem from the multi-billion rand arms deal the country negotiated in the late 1990s, along with representatives from French arms manufacturer Thales. 

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