According to a video shared on social media, Imran Tahir allegedly assaulted a little boy after the Pink ODI. Picture: Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

Durban - Cricket supporters are standing by Imran Tahir after he confronted a young cricket fan who insulted him after the fourth Momentum One-Day International (ODI) match against India at the Bidvest Wanderers Stadium on Saturday night.

The Proteas spin bowler was not part of the starting XI that played in the Pink ODI.

The video was posted on the DURBAN CRIME N ALL Facebook group by Creelan Govindsamy on Sunday.

Govindsamy’s caption read: "Footage from yesterday - apparently Tahir assaulted a child for telling him he is useless. Then all hell broke loose with other spectators standing up for the child but no assault was caught on video".

In the video, Tahir is seen arguing with and a group of spectators in the stands. At one point during the altercation, the Pakistani born spinner asks the adults if the child had any manners.

However, the video does not show Tahir assaulting the young boy but it shows him defending himself and the parents of the young boy swearing.

The National Team’s Media Manager, Lerato Malekutu said Cricket South Africa is aware of the video footage which features Tahir on social media.

“Imran Tahir was verbally and racially abused by an unknown man during the fourth One-Day International (ODI) against India at the Bidvest Wanderers Stadium on Saturday. Tahir reported the incident to the stadium security, and was subsequently accompanied by two security personnel to identify and to have the man ejected from the stadium. Tahir made no physical contact with the offender or any of the children in the vicinity. The incident is under investigation with the CSA and stadium security teams,” explained Malekutu.

She also said that according to the ICC Anti-racism code, spectators who engage in racist conduct are to be ejected from the stadium and can face further sanctions and criminal prosecution.

The Daily News had to censor the video because of strong language.

This is what people said after watching the video:

Sundiep Seeban: I dont see the full story. I DO know that it takes a lot to make Tahir angry

Simone Jade Chetty: And the worst parenting awards go to these people..... worried about their children being there but using such foul language.... great role models NOT!!!!

Thula Gcabashe: I don't understand... I thought fans went to the cricket to cheer our players not to diss them.

Alan Kistnasami: The only people qualified to comment are those that witnessed the whole incident. Truth be told, what little is on this video, those that were the loudest, should hide their faces in shame.

Veroshen Kevin Naidoo: Such a loser.. He has his kid there and hes Swearing using vulgar language

Navan N Yaksha Sunkardutt: How can you insult players, it's not allowed!!!! And if you want to bring out your breadth! Don't come to a match,stay at home. In the ending they going to band us from getting signatures from players! Ppl with no moral and respect make life hard for other ppl. Please man

Aveer 'Smacker' Nunkumar: Tahir not gonna get angry at a person for ntn like he says he was abused, where's that part of there recording? as a cricketer they put under immense pressure they don't need faulty fans swearing at them.

Sumantha Sookdev: This looks like a little brat insulting and provoking an international sportsman and when the sportsman gets angry the family behaves like barbarians. Then the little brat cries for sympathy....

Rumi Wrote: All I see in this clip is a bunch of hooligan spectators who should be banned for life from sporting venues. If the assault on the child did occur - then the cricketer should be disciplined. Passionate fans are always going to react when their teams perform poorly, and sportsmen should be professional enough to practise restraint. Whatever the truth and outcome THESE spectators should be banned anyhow for unruly public behaviour.

Shiraz Essa: I've noticed this happening in lots of sporting events. Why swear at players and insult them in the first place. They are human and make mistakes. Sport is entertainment, why do people take it so seriously. It doesn't make a difference to their lives.

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