Nkosikhona Dlamini
Looking at the current situation in South Africa, where do I see myself in the future?

This is what I consider to be the most complicated question.

If you go around asking young people this question, you are in for disappointment.

It is not because they don’t know what they actually want to do. They do have their dreams, but that is what they are: just dreams.

It is not because they don’t have a vision; they do, but the current South Africa chokes their vision.

Allow me to take you to South Africa. South Africa is a democratically free country; they even refer to us youth as “born frees”. Yet in South Africa children go to school, get educated and obtain their degrees, only to sit at home with their education.

There are no jobs.

The youth cannot create employment opportunities because our education system teaches a child to get qualifications and apply for a job. It does not teach them to be creative, to be the one to create opportunities. Their minds have been channelled this way.

Also, the youth of my country is lazy! They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. They only have dreams. They do not have a plan, a strategy.

That’s what makes me different from the rest - I HAVE A STRATEGY. I know precisely what I want and how I am going to achieve it.

In the words of my accounting teacher: “Sinezinhlanhla ezingafani njengabantu, okubalulekile kukho konke ukuthandaza.”

She is highlighting the power of prayer. In this land of unemployment, I want to become a chartered accountant, so I can open my own accounting firm.

But this won’t happen if I do not pray. I also want to own the best fashion/clothing business in the country, which will not only be based in South Africa, but across the world.

I have this passion for teaching. I love to see someone successful, knowing very well that I contributed towards their success. By the age of 35, I want to be an FET Phase teacher, teaching Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting.

All of this is possible because I have a plan, not just a dream. I have a strategy. Without a strategy I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

It all depends on how you view your South Africa; that is where you will be in the future. I see South Africa as a land of undiscovered opportunities, and I pledge to be the one to discover them.

No matter what the current situation of my county is, I do not see myself in the future in the same condition that my home is currently at. No matter what type of lemons life may throw my way, I would not have only failed my family or everyone who dreams big for me, but I would have failed the most important person: myself.

Looking at the current situation in South Africa, my plan makes me confidently say that I am going to be where I desire to be: at the top.

I have a will, and the Lord’s will is my will; that is why I will succeed.

I am going to make a difference to my country’s current situation.

Daily News