Digital marketing will be among the top vocations in 2021 because of its versatility
Digital marketing will be among the top vocations in 2021 because of its versatility

5 reasons why you should consider a career in digital marketing

By Tamara Mafilika Time of article published Apr 6, 2021

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Due to the high demand, most of the jobs today in the marketing and advertising industry require expertise in media planning, content management, and social media.

Digital marketing offers alternatives and techniques related to it, and you can get innovative and explore different avenues for your advertising strategies. Businesses across the world are searching for talented workers in the digital marketing space who can fill the gaps in how organisations connect new products with the right consumers in this digital world.

In an article published in, it lists the following five reasons why you should choose digital marketing as a career:

1. Broader spectrum of choices - As digitisation becomes popular among enterprises, organisations across the world from new businesses to big corporate houses are now looking for advanced experts with applicable experience. Brands such as Google are looking for new generation digital marketers.

2. Higher compensation - People with the correct abilities can haggle for higher compensations, yet additionally land extraordinary perks and maybe even rewards relying upon their job.

3. Keeps you up to date - Working in this industry implies a quick-moving environment where something new comes across every day. An individual doing SEO, for example, should stay aware of the metrics updates constantly. Advertisers likewise should find out about the rules overseeing the different channels.

4. Highly demanded profession - Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing makes it easy to launch your professional career.

5. One man, too many hats - Digital marketing will be among the top vocations this year because of its versatility. As the business develops, more options may introduce themselves, making the field a significantly energising move.

E-commerce marketing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook introduce new features continuously to help brands communicate with users, resulting in increased brand loyalty. Reports have estimated that the number of people using smartphones will double by 2023. The global pandemic has increased the demand for digital marketing jobs as organisations transform and grow. According to Procter & Gamble, organisations are embracing a strategy of “constructive disruption” - a willingness to change strategies to meet changing consumer demands quickly in 2021.

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