It’s finally over. The ink has dried on that last exam paper
It’s finally over. The ink has dried on that last exam paper

5 things to do after exams

By Tamara Mafilika Time of article published Nov 26, 2020

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You’ve taken your final exams, turned in your final projects, and completed your classes for the term – Congratulations!

Most people have plans for the December holidays, whether it’s work, internships, or travelling, therefore, it is likely to be the last time all your friends will be together. Freedom beckons – but what to do with it? Whatever that you do, practice physical distancing, sanitise, and always wear your mask especially in public.

If you're feeling too lethargic to plan some fun escapades post-exam, this article will come to your rescue.

1. Don't think about how your exam went or what the result will be. What is done is done, stressing about it will not change the outcome of your results.

2. Rest. Sleep in if you can, take longer to get ready in the mornings, and relax often.

3. Read for pleasure and not for learning. Choose books, comics, magazines, and papers that interest you so that you can enjoy yourself when reading. Enjoy learning about your personal interests, rather than the curriculum. None of this should feel like a chore.

4. Listen to music. Lie back, turn on the music and simply enjoy listening to it for a while.

5. Go for drives. Go to places you love visiting and enjoy your time there. A day trip to the beach, the great thing is you can do this mid-week so will have the beach pretty much to yourself.

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