Waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day starts off with a positive mindset. Photo by chris howard from Pexels.
Waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day starts off with a positive mindset. Photo by chris howard from Pexels.

How to start your day the positive way – high school edition

By MaryAnne Isaac Time of article published Apr 13, 2021

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Durban - How you start your morning sets the tone for the remaining hours of the school day, and if you’re not a morning person, then you know first-hand about the morning struggle. But what if there’s a way to make your mornings a whole lot more lively and productive?

Waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day starts off with preparation from the night before, and requires a positive mindset.

Here are five tips to help you begin your day on the right foot, that will surely last you till the evening. You’re welcome.

1. The night before prep

Checklist – Before you go to bed, prepare your school bag and make sure that all homework tasks are complete. You can create a checklist to ensure that everything is done and ready.

Practise self-care – Showering an hour before you sleep helps you wash away the day’s stress and tension, it also helps your body to cool down and rejuvenates your mind.

• Sleep – You are required to get your seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep helps your mind to store important information collected during the day, helps your body to heal itself from trauma, helps you wake up looking and feeling refreshed, and keeps you alert throughout the day.

2. Make the first five minutes of the morning count

Instead of getting out of bed in the morning and mentally noting the long list of things to do and the exam timetable, say a prayer of gratitude and take in the morning’s fresh air.

When you wake, think about what you’re most grateful for. By recognising at the start of your morning the list of things you’re thankful for, you can say adios to negativity and draw in positivity.

3. Break the routine once in a while

I’m not saying routines are bad, but when we get too comfortable with routines, we tend to miss out on opportunities to grow, learn and discover new things about ourselves. Altering our routine at times helps keep our minds challenged, aids in memory retention and keeps us more engaged in life.

Plus, sometimes routine can be boring and can make life seem dull.

You can switch up your routine in the morning by doing something different, like a quick exercise set or listening to a new kind of music on the way to school.

5. Visualise your day

When you visualise your goals for the day, it motivates you to put them into action.

Before you leave home, close your eyes and visualise your goals for the day. This can be a class test or that new section in maths your teacher is going to start with or even just being more confident in class.

Then imagine yourself taking the steps towards it and succeeding at it. According to reports, the mind at its sub-conscious state accepts the thoughts you often repeat. So, start your day with positive reminders that your dreams are possible.

6. Choose happiness

Your happiness is in your hands, don’t give that power to anyone else. Choose to be happy regardless of the situation. Life has a funny way of showing up at times, and sometimes can unexpectedly surprise you for the worst, in the form of an unkind person, unplanned test or tons of homework.

Try not to take it personally, and just go with the flow. Sometimes the unplanned and unexpected things in life will somehow teach us valuable lessons and increase our measure of ability.

7. Wear a smile

The most beautiful accessory any person can wear is a smile. Did you know that smiling makes you more attractive to others, and makes you look successful?

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