Here are some key words used in exam papers and what they mean. File Photo.
Here are some key words used in exam papers and what they mean. File Photo.

Tips for matrics: Exam question phrases and what they mean

By Zodidi Dano Time of article published Nov 5, 2020

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Writing your final matric exams is stressful, but the fear of not understanding the questions posed in the exam paper is even more daunting. Here are a few tips for understanding exactly what is required of you when certain words are used in the question. This could help you ace that paper.

Here are some key words and what they mean:

  • Analyse - Means separate, examine and interpret
  • Classify - Divide into groups or types so that things that are similar, are in the same group.
  • Comment - Write generally about.
  • Compare - Point out or show both similarities or differences.
  • Define - Give a clear meaning.
  • Describe - List the main characteristics of something.
  • Discuss - Consider all information and reach a conclusion.
  • Evaluate - Express an opinion based on your findings.
  • Explain - Make clear, interpret and spell out.
  • Forecast - Say what you think will happen in the future.
  • Give/provide - Write down only facts.
  • Identify - Name the essential characteristics.
  • Interpret - Give the intended meaning of.
  • List - Write a list of items.
  • Mention - Refer to relevant points.
  • Name - State something – give, identify or mention.
  • State- Write down information without discussion.
  • Suggest - Offer an explanation or solution.

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