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Friday, May 27, 2022

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Points to consider if you’re planning to become a senior phase teacher

Before you venture off to become a senior phase teacher, Varsity College offers some tips to consider. Picture: Wokandapix/Pixabay

Before you venture off to become a senior phase teacher, Varsity College offers some tips to consider. Picture: Wokandapix/Pixabay

Published May 7, 2022


Thinking about a career in senior phase teaching? As an educator, you'll play an instrumental part in the lives and futures of the students who pass through your classroom doors.

Before you get there, do you know the steps to follow in order to become a teacher? Whether you're considering full or part-time teaching courses, Varsity College offers the steps you'll need to take.

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1) Choose your Bachelor’s Degree and complete it

Whether you decide on senior phase teaching, intermediate or foundation, it’s a great idea to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. During your years of study, you might find that you gain insight into what you’d like to specialise in. Perhaps it’s a certain subject or even special needs teaching. Either way, a degree is the first step to a successful teaching career. It also makes your path to get there a little shorter than going the Post Graduate route.

2) Complete your teaching practise

During your studies or immediately after, you’ll need to complete your practical. This will see you stepping into a classroom as an educator to sharpen your teaching skills. Not only is this to build up your hours of experience, it’s also a valuable foot in the door that could potentially lead to a full-time position.

3) Consider studying further

Once you’ve achieved your Bachelor’s degree, you might decide to pursue postgraduate certificate or even an honours programme. This could help you secure better teaching jobs and even a higher salary. Qualifications like The IIE Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching are a great way to improve your skillset and show prospective employers that you’re prepared to work hard and invest in yourself.

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4) No matter what, never give up

Your path to becoming a teacher might not be smooth sailing 100% of the time and that’s okay. During your years of study you might find that you prefer certain subjects to others and that you may even battle with some of the learning material. Then, you might meet a peer that you don’t get along with during your teaching practicals. Again, these challenges make us stronger and better educators in the long run.

They also teach us vital lessons about ourselves that reveal our true talents and even avenues where we could grow a little more. Whatever happens, just don’t give up. Your time and efforts are worth it. They’ll also be the reason why you change a student’s life for the better one day. So whenever you feel like giving up, remember that.

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