Picture : Simone Kley
Picture : Simone Kley

THIS is how much a basic school uniform will cost you in 2022

By Harvest Thwala Time of article published Jan 3, 2022

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While people may be spending for Christmas, the price of school uniforms is escalating due to the distributions in the economy brought by Covid 19.

However, schools can no longer force parents to buy school uniforms at a specific supplier. A consent agreement was recently reached between the Competition Tribunal and uniform supplier McCullagh and Bothwell, ending an exclusivity supply agreement deal.

The agreement aims to increase competition and ensure cheaper prices.

The decision came years after the investigations into complaints made by parents who said they were forced to buy school uniforms from a specific supplier.

The new agreement effectively terminates all exclusive supply agreements on the procurement of school uniforms while guaranteeing parents and learners choice and an opportunity to shop around for competitive prices for uniforms and learning materials.

We priced uniforms for grades 1 and 8 learners as they will be starting a new journey in their schooling lives.

The uniform cost for Grade R:

Primary school beginners

Shirt short sleeve R32.99

Shirt long sleeve R54.99

Grey pants/skirt R79.99

shorts R79.99

Socks R13.99

Shoes R99.99

Jersey R69.99

The uniform cost for Grade 8:

Grade 8 (GIRLS) BOYS

Shirt short sleeve R64.99 R69.99

Shirt long sleeve R89.99 R74.99

Grey pants/skirt R89.99 R139.99

Socks R14.99 R15.99

Shoes R119.99 R119.99

Furthermore , if you are looking for prices for stationery, we’ve got you covered with the following prices for basic stationery.

Basic stationery

  • Pen (2 pieces)- R21.99
  • Pencil (4 pieces)- R4.29
  • Ruler-0.99c
  • A4 Exercise book (72 pages) - R5.49A4 2 quire book (192 pages) -R19.99
  • Flip file (30 pockets)- R18.99

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