Build a full-time career in vlogging
Build a full-time career in vlogging

Vlogging: Skills you need, growth prospects and how you can sustain yourself

By Tamara Mafilika Time of article published Apr 26, 2021

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There has been a range of emerging careers that are unconventional as the youth deviate from conventional careers.

Careers such as photography, design, event management are growing rapidly as people break free from rigid mindsets regarding new-age career options.

Visual blogging, or vlogging, as it’s commonly known, has gained immense traction in recent years. With the emergence of social media and high-quality smartphone cameras, vlogging has become an option that is not only easily accessible but has become popular.

Pulkit Agrawal, the co-founder of Trell, gives pointers on how to build and sustain a full-time career in vlogging.

Skills needed for visual blogging: One of the most important things a full-time vlogging career demands is inherent motivation. Vloggers must be open to iterating and trying various forms of content, especially if they wish to establish and sustain themselves in the segment.

Vlogging is a continuous exercise where content creators may often start with a certain topic, but end up with something different.

Vloggers, especially at the start of their career, need to tap into their creative spirits and ideologies, and constantly refine their skills and content as per the feedback/response received from the audience.

Visual blogging growth prospects: Vlogging is a field that offers a myriad opportunities as there are no limits or restrictions to what a person can vlog about. It all depends on the vlogger’s passion and their subject of interest.

As a vlogger begins to gather a substantial follower count with good audience engagement and establishes themselves, the growth prospects are boundless since brands and audiences begin to recogniSe and trust their work. This allows more opportunities in and paves the way for earning more.

To sustain yourself as a full-time vlogger, there are certain things that you need to follow:

* Formulate a new concept and come up with fresh content that is engaging to your audience.

* Regular innovation, thinking out-of-the-box, and coming up with new concepts.

In this day and age where social media content is king, vlogging is receiving its due credit as a full-time career, and content creation has become an integral aspect for several businesses as they turn to New Age marketing strategies.

The future of vlogging is nothing short of promising, and the vlogging ecosystem is set to thrive in the upcoming years as a vital part of the content landscape.


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