Reading is an essential skill that needs to be developed at a young age.
Reading is an essential skill that needs to be developed at a young age.

Why your child should read more

By Tamara Mafilika Time of article published Mar 18, 2021

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Reading helps us find and convey information. It’s an important skill that needs to be developed at a young age. Here’s why reading is beneficial to all of us, and how the importance of reading is essential to understanding the world around us.

Adele Keyser, a teacher from Cape Town, provides the following benefits of reading:

  • Reading is a gateway to learning anything about everything. It helps you discover new things and educate yourself in any area of life you are interested in. You can find a book on just about any subject you can imagine, dive in and start learning. Your child can learn about their interests (and even themselves) through reading things they enjoy.
  • Reading develops your imagination and creativity. When we watch television or a movie, all the information is given to us on the screen – there’s nothing we need to imagine. A book in its pure form is just words on a page, and our minds have to do the work.
  • It improves vocabulary and communication. Giving your child access to a world of words is one of the best ways to improve their vocabulary and enhance their spelling skills.
  • Reading helps with building a good self-image. Learning new concepts, discovering exciting places and understanding others’ perspectives is key to building a well-rounded self-image. Reading also has social benefits. Children can discuss stories with others and form friendships over shared interests.
  • Reading improves concentration and reduces stress. Not only does reading focus your attention entirely on the task at hand, it also immerses you in the information, improving concentration and memory of what you read.

What should parents do to improve their child’s reading skills?

Encouraging good reading habits is a step in the right direction for parents looking to help their children read well.

  • Read to your child. It’s never too early to start reading to your child and reading together can become a healthy and enjoyable family activity. Interacting with books from an early age helps to make the activity into a routine.
  • Read to yourself. If your child sees you reading regularly, they’re more likely to build an interest in the activity. Find a book you love and read whenever you get the chance. Your child will learn from you.
  • Surround your children with books. Reading something enjoyable will do wonders for their curiosity.

Reading is important because words are the building blocks of life. Get your child excited about reading, and they’ll surprise you with their progress.

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