6 women search for love on M-Net's 'The Single Wives SA'

"The Single Wives SA" cast. Picture: Supplied

"The Single Wives SA" cast. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 20, 2020


Later this year, M-Net will feature six previously married women in a search for love again "The Single Wives SA". 

Produced by Black Swan Media, the exciting and unique local version of the show includes, Angel Pather, Chantelle Thrupp-Snow, Genevieve Stander, Helen Zondo, Nikki Nell and Tori Celliers and airs from September 3 on M-Net at 7pm. 

Based on the popular Australian format, "The Single Wives SA" zooms in on six previously married women who have been unlucky in their search for love. They embark on an expert-led journey of self-discovery and transformation which will give them real-life tools to possibly find love. 

The experts who are at the Single Wives’ side with advice and guidance are Justin Cohen and Mapaseka Mokwele. Justin is a transformational coach whose limitless curiosity and penchant for research-based change turned him into an international keynote speaker, bestselling author and television talk show host. Mapaseka, who is no stranger to TV, has been in the media industry for more than 22 years. 

Her experience ranges from news anchoring talk shows to being Kaya FM’s "voice of reason", dealing with relationships and all matters of the heart. 

Mapaseka is also a philanthropist, businesswoman and qualified coach – coaching in the leadership, career, life and relationship space.

Cohen said the show is different from other dating shows on television.

“It’s not about competing for an object of affection nor finding that Mr Right; it’s about women who are willing to be vulnerable and the process that they will go through to get to a point where they’re ready for a potentially long-lasting relationship again,” said Cohen.

Mapaseka said that the road taken in "The Single Wives SA" is indeed traveled by many seeking love. 

“At the same time, it’s a journey filled with entertainment, tears and laughter – one definitely worth taking,” she said. 

But, who are the six brave women who will share their anxieties, shed their fears, and face the stumbling blocks that prevent them from being in a healthy relationship? 

Meet M-Net’s "Single Wives":

Angel Pather (38)

Advocate and social media influencer, Angel from Centurion, married her at a very young age envisioning a happily-ever-after. Instead, she found herself in an unhappy relationship for twelve years. 

Always believing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, she married the same man twice and when she realised that it’s all a vicious circle she decided to leave him, this time for good. Five years later, Angel still struggles to commit to a relationship, out of the fear of being hurt and attracting a love interest who will disappoint her. 

“I need to deal with the issues that I have suppressed since I left my ex-husband five years ago. I’m hoping to find out what it is that is causing me to behave this way and to be able to move forward with someone who will love me the way I am,” said Angel. 

Chantelle Thrupp-Snow (33)

Chantelle is a Corporate Account Executive from Johannesburg who has always dreamed of a picture-perfect “picket-white-fence” kind of lifestyle – but life hasn’t been kind to her and she found herself at crossroads many times. 

Her first two marriages failed, she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder, had a baby out of wedlock, and her last relationship ended with a broken engagement. Chantelle believes that she is way too pushy and forceful when it comes to relationships and marriage due to a fear of abandonment. 

“I need to learn how to make the right choices,” she says. 

Genevieve Stander (37)

Ambitious and driven Genevieve, a Chief Operations Officer for a Training and Development company in Nelspruit has been unlucky in love, having been cheated on twice in important past relationships. 

Her ex-husband had an affair and then her first boyfriend since the divorce cheated on her as well. 

This made the attractive mother of two lose all hope in true love and trust and led her down a slippery road of substance abuse. Since getting her life back on track, Genevieve is ready to re-enter the dating scene.

“I am not ashamed of my past and I have forgiven my ex-husband, but it did leave scars in my heart. I would like to find out if it is something that I am doing wrong,” she said. 

Helen Zondo (50)

Strong and independent Public Transport Operator Helen from Fourways dated her then-boyfriend for what she describes as “ten beautiful years”. 

It was when the couple got married  and started living under the same roof that the relationship took a dark turn. 

Scarred and left to face life alone, Helen lost faith in men and remained single for fourteen years, focusing all her efforts on her daughter. 

The 50-year-old single mom joined the show to rediscover herself as a woman and find her worth again.

“I want to break down the emotional barriers that hinder the process of forgiveness,” she said. 

Nikki Nell (42)

Nikki, a Marketing Manager from Randpark Ridge, admits that she hasn’t had much of dating life. 

She walked down the aisle with her second serious boyfriend and their marriage lasted twelve years. Post their divorce, however, she continued to date him on and off. 

She entered "The Single Wives SA" in the hopes of becoming more self-aware and getting back onto the dating scene.

“I want to embark on a new chapter in my life, and I am excited about this new chapter,” Nikki says. 

Tori Celliers (47)

Tori’s marriage of eight and a half years ended after a series of infidelities. The fitness studio owner from Durban and mother of two says she walked away not because she did not love her ex-husband any more, but because she knew she had to stop hurting herself. 

The couple remained apart but continued their friendship and considered reconciling. But then she experienced intense trauma. 

Before their love could take flight for a second time, her ex was tragically murdered. Understandably, it has been difficult for Tori to find closure and move forward. 

“Will I ever recover from a loss like that?,” she asked.

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