Jay Z and Kanye West: rappers, clothing designers, celebrities, collaborators and BFFs. But the music industry’s biggest bromance could soon become the substance of the year’s biggest break-up song (sorry for you, Taylor Swift) following this week’s revelations that Jay has turned down KW’s request to be his best man at his upcoming nuptials to Miss KK (cue audible gasp). Konfused? I am, of kourse, referring to Kanye’s impending wedding to the Kueen of tasteless television, Kim Kardashian.

According to an “inside source” – the sort whose parents never thought to name them, apparently – Jay initially agreed to stand by his bro’s side on his big day, but with one strict proviso:

“Under no circumstances can there be any reality TV show filming of him, his wife Beyoncé or their daughter, Blue Ivy, during the ceremony.

“The thought of popping up on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) mortifies Beyoncé, who purposely avoids any form of trashy TV.”

This from the woman who, only a few months ago, was quite happy to cavort on stage in a G-string and leather basque while writhing, legs wide apart, on a wooden chair, before taking to the floor and slithering about on all fours during her opening performance at this year’s Grammy awards. A true class act.

Even more perplexing, however, is why West would want camera crews crawling around on such a personal occasion, infusing gossip and speculation into every flick of the hair and swivel of the eyes.

Yes, the E! network (which owns the rights to KUWTK) is falling over itself to pay for the spectacle, in exchange for exclusive broadcast rights.

But with an estimated net worth of $100 million (R1-billion – him) and $40 million (her), Kimye would hardly have to pinch pennies to stage the wedding of their mutual self-admiration hallucinations.

And isn’t Kayne the same superior chap who’s been barking orders at KK to start steering clear of the Kardashians, to up her profile from tawdry reality star to A-list shleb?

But now it seems the promise of having all those cameras focused on his own arrogant features is a welcome temptation for this egomaniac, who’s evidently only too eager to use his wedding as yet another narcissistic publicity stunt.

So while neither he nor Beyoncé may approve of the distinct odour of sleaze that surrounds Kim and her Klan, apparently being vulgar of their own volition is deemed more appropriate than being vulgar by association.



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