Anatii and AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA earlier in the year confirmed that he will be dropping two music projects-one of them being a joint album with Anatii. The album was expected by fans to drop today but they dropped their latest single instead.

The hip hop duo released their third single ‘Holy Mountain'from their anticipated album, ‘Be careful what you wish for’. 

AKA & Anatii had already released two successful singles this year, 10 Fingers single which received lot of airplay and has done  well on iTunes. 

Their second hit ‘Don’t forget to Pray’, made  history in South Africa by being the first song to premiere globally on Apple music radio station.

Their latest single ‘Holy Mountain’ has got Twitter buzzing, with fans have been busy trying to break down the meaning behind their lyrics for verse such as “Sipping champagne like papsuck, Selling gold chain that can throw shade, But I do it, do it for the culture.”

The rappers didn’t confirm the release date of their joint musical album, however earlier this week the duo were reminding their fans on social media to check out the album by using the hashtag: #BCWYWF when posting about their music. 

The album features a tracklist of 10 singles. Holy Mountain is track number 6 and they also included their 2015 hit single ‘The Saga’ placing it at number 10 .

The album is available on Itunes for Pre- order, but official release date is July 28.