Barbara Walters

Lindsay Lohan has booked a new interview just days after pulling out of a planned sit-down with Barbara Walters.

The 26-year-old actress - who cancelled her appearance on '20/20' on the advice of her new PR team Rogers & Cowan amid recent allegations of lying to police about a car accident in June and public spats with her parents - has now agreed to appear on the 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on November 20.

The interview will focus entirely on the troubled starlet's new Lifetime movie 'Liz & Dick' about Elizabeth Taylor rather than her personal life, according to OK! Magazine.

Barbara is said to have been "disappointed" that Lindsay cancelled their interview because she had already completed researching and also filmed preliminary interviews with the actress on the set of the movie.

But a source previously revealed that Lindsay's new advisors were concerned that Barbara would ask about her current legal troubles so felt they had no choice but to cancel the interview which was originally scheduled to take place next Friday.

The insider said: "Barbara was going to try and get Lindsay to talk about all of the drama in her personal life, including the possible upcoming charges for lying to the cops after her car accident, and Lindsay isn't ready to talk about anything.

"Barbara is one of the most respected journalists in the industry and she wasn't going to let Lindsay get away with telling any lies or spinning the story, so Lindsay's team just couldn't let her go on the show and have it end up like Dina's disastrous interview with Dr. Phil."

However, Lindsay considers Barbara a close friend and is said to be sorry to have cancelled so close to the interview date and has promised Barbara they will reschedule as soon as possible.