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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Bex Taylor-Klaus reveals how she was initially turned down for a role in 'Deputy'

Bex Taylor-Klaus is compelling in her role as Brianna Bishop in Universal TV’s police drama, “Deputy”. Picture: Supplied

Bex Taylor-Klaus is compelling in her role as Brianna Bishop in Universal TV’s police drama, “Deputy”. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 15, 2020


Viewers will recognise industry newcomer Bex Taylor-Klaus from the big and small screen. She’s explored several genres from horror to superhero offerings as well as crime drama. 

Now she’s attracting a wider fan base with Universal TV’s police series, “Deputy”. Cast as Brianna Bishop she is Acting Sheriff Bill Hollister’s (Stephen Dorff) right hand. And it’s not an easy position as he has an unorthodox approach to solving cases.

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Before expanding on working alongside an industry giant, Taylor-Klaus had an interesting story on how she got this role. 

She shared: “Funny story, I auditioned for it and didn’t get it. I ended up being in Atlanta while they were shooting the pilot and something went wrong with the original cast member and production and they called me in as I was on my way to the airport to head back to California. 

"They told me to turn the car around and to come to meet David Ayer on set.”

Before she knew it, she was in costume, shooting scenes.

The 25-year-old actress loved slipping into the skin of Bishop. 

“Bishop is really special to me. She is smart, steady and strong. She came from the pentagon. Through the season, you get to see how Bishop gets utilised. 

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"It is a very male-dominated space. Bishop is used to that. All the trials and tribulations that Bishop has been through has given her this expertise. There’s no reason for Bishop to be insecure. She is ridiculously powerful.”

In the show, Taylor-Klaus has a short hairdo. She’s always in a pants suit and wears a poker face. She’s direct and doesn’t beat around the bush, which throws Hollister, at first. 

As much as Bishop and Hollister are looking at getting the same end result, their approach in getting it is poles apart.

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Acting Sheriff Bill Hollister (Stephen Dorff) and Brianna Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus) in a scene from “Deputy”.

Picture: Supplied

“Both of them care more than people say they should,” she explained. “They want good things for innocent and good people. On that level, they connect. They see in each other, the desire to help and do good. Bishop is way more by the book. There is a back and forth there. 

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"I think Bishop wants to be a little crazy like him but she comes from the military, it’s difficult to make that adjustment, at first.”

On working with Dorff, Taylor-Klaus said: “Stephen comes in with a knowledge of an industry. I’ve come in recently. It was interesting. We get to dive into these characters and their individual lives in and out the sheriff's department.”

By the way, Karrueche Tran makes a guest appearance as Genevieve, Bishop's girlfriend.

“Deputy” has engaging characters and an action-packed script. The writers delicately interweave each character’s personal struggles with professional challenges. Yes, the series follows a familiar blueprint but the cast takes you on a journey, nonetheless. 


“Deputy” airs on Universal TV (DStv channel 117) on Monday at 8pm.

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