This photo taken June 22, 2009 shows singer Beyonce Knowles posing for pictures at a press conference in New York. Wynn Las Vegas officials say they're in preliminary talks with Beyonce to bring the superstar singer back to the Las Vegas resort. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Beyonce Knowles has hinted that she named her daughter after a poem by Rebecca Solnit.

The Love On Top singer gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, in January and has posted a snippet from a poem by Rebecca from her A Field Guide To Getting Lost, dedicated to the colour on her Tumblr.

Part of the selection reads: “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that got lost.

“Water is colourless, shallow water appears to be the colour that lies beneath it. But deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water, the deeper the blue.

“The light that gets lost gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is in the colour blue.”

Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, has previously said he is fan of the colour, rapping “My favourite hue is Jay-Z blue”, on 2005 track Dear Summer.

Jay-Z also paid tribute to his new daughter by releasing the song Glory - which was about her and featured a recording of her cries - days after her birth.

However, he has since put his music making on hold so he can spend time with his new daughter and learn how to be a father.

He said: “After my daughter was born I thought I would be more inspired with all the new feelings and everything that I'd have to write about, but it really happened the other way.

“I just really wanna hang out with her. I just wanna enjoy those moments for a bit and I'm sure that feeling of music will come back to me.” - Bang Showbiz