Chantel Jeffries
Chantel Jeffries
Justin Bieber on a beach in Punta Chame, Panama with members of his entourage on January 25, 2014. Photo: Eddy Vasquez
Justin Bieber on a beach in Punta Chame, Panama with members of his entourage on January 25, 2014. Photo: Eddy Vasquez

The old saying “you are the company you keep” couldn’t be more apt in Justin Bieber’s world at the moment. While his close friend Lil Za deals with his own legal and drug abuse issues, it now appears that Bieber’s new girlfriend is no angel either.

Chantel Jeffries, who was with Bieber the night he was arrested and has since accompanied the star to Panama, allegedly has a violent streak.

According to the daily Mail, Jeffries once tried to stab a teenage rival over a Facebook spat. According to a police report, Jeffries first threatened to “beat the s**t out of” her former best friend on the social networking site. Then, she allegedly drove to her former friend’s family home in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where she assumed the girl was.

Luckily for the intended victim, she wasn’t home. However, Jeffries, attacked another 18-year old instead, stabbing her in the forearm and leaving her with terrible wounds. According to witnesses, Jeffries only stopped her assault when another girl jumped in and fought her off. Witnesses added that jeffries then fled the scene.

The argument apparently started when Jeffries took exception to a group of girls who called themselves The B***h Squad. According to former high school students, Jeffries thought of herself as the coolest girl around and wanted to prove a point. Jeffries was eventually arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

However, despite the police report and eye-witness accounts, Jeffries maintains that she never stabbed anyone.

“I have not been arrested five times as has been stated in the media, nor am I guilty of physically assaulting anyone, in any way shape or form,” she said.

“I am a full time student who had enjoyed a normal lifestyle, free from public scrutiny and criticism, until now. What has happened to me is wrong.”

According to her attorney, she was arrested for a misdemeanour assault when she was 18, but the case was dismissed because of a lack of evidence.

Jeffries’ former best friend, and the orginal target on the day of the attack, however claims that her friends didn’t want to go through the drama of a court case. She claims because of that, the case was dismissed, but Jeffries was ordered to pay their legal costs. She claims that, even in high school, Jeffries was “a groupie”.

“Chantel is a groupie. Towards the end of high school, she always wanted to date someone famous so she could get out of Jacksonville and become a model.

“When we were in middle school together she was very smart, but she became obsessed with fame. This thing with Justin has finally given her what she wanted.

“If someone famous was making a personal appearance in a club she would go. She would go all the way to New York sometimes.

“I wasn’t even surprised when I heard about the thing with Justin Bieber. She wasn’t going to stop until she became famous. She will be enjoying this now.” - Tonight Reporter