Bontle Modiselle. Picture: Twitter

Bontle Modiselle knew her father was about to die before his tragic suicide.

The Club 808 presenter opened up about her father’s death, her career and her family during an interview on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast this morning.
“My dad unfortunately had my committed suicide and it was a daunting period particularly for mama,” she said.

The 26-year old media personality said that she “dreamt” about her father’s passing before it happened.

“And why it didn’t shock me was because I dreamt about it before it happened and I told my mother...I woke up and told them (my parents),” she said.

“For a very long time I blamed myself for my dad’s death, I really did... I felt if I hadn’t dreamt about it...he wouldn't have done it,”she added.

Modiselle recently broke the internet and few hearts when some speculated that she was married. 

She is featured in the music video of the song, "I do" by LaSauce featuring Amanda Black, with her long term rapper boyfriend Priddy Ugly.


Modiselle later explained that the couple is actually not married, but she has already said “I do”.

“About three years ago, we were on a mountain and he asked, and I said ‘YES’. We haven't announced it then and that’s how we have always treated our relationship. He is my best friend. We feel like we have done this before in the previous lifetime, we totally get each other if there is such a thing.

About what’s next for Modiselle, she said “all things that speak to my different passions; dance, hosting, acting.”

* ‘I do’ became the first SA video to get million views in 13 days on Friday.