Tumi Morake reveals all about her life, her childhood, her career and the turning points in a colourful existence in her debut book, "And then Mama Said" published by Penguin Random House.

Here are 6 — of the many — things Morake reveals in her book:

1. Morake's parents were both politically involved and both spent terms in jail for their political activities during the 1980s.

2. When she was 15 years old, she was raped by a university student. "He broke me, he ripped me, I bled. When he was done my eyes were stinging from sweat and tear... No conversation. No apology," she wrote.

3. Her struggle with her mother's downward spiral in her later years: "What broke my heart more than a broken home was a mother I could not recognise, her speech, her mannerisms and her lack of self-care."

4. About herself and her path to fame, Tumi says: "I have never been cocksure; I have just told myself that if I can learn something, I can master it."

5. Tumi reveals about what she felt and what actually happened on the fateful day of September 12 during a programme on Jacaranda FM last year when Tumigate erupted. 

6. On losing her mother: "My deepest regret is never asking Mama about her time in prison. ." 

"...The blind faith she had in me gave me momentum... It made me believe there was no reason why I couldn't make it in the entertainment industry..."