'When Likes Aren't Enough' by Dr Tim Bono (Seven Dials)

We all know the feeling of seeing associates and friends' posts on social media and comparing them to ourselves -  seeing how happy people look - and then wondering if their lives are better than ours or.. vice versa.

Bono's book is one of thousands on self-improvement and how to live a happy - no - happier - life by being honest with yourself.

While it's largely targeted at the younger generation — those who are constant users of Instagram, Twitter and who are addicted online — he speaks a worldy and wise message. Warning of burnout Bono offers advice on how to just appreciate what you have.

It sounds simple but there are tips with the experiences of others included. What happens when you break up with your partner and how do you avoid looking at facebook posts; how do you get proper sleep when there's the constant pull of looking at your cellphone; how do you keep healthy in mind and body? 

Bono offers tips on how not to let failure get you down; staying on track with your intentions and plans; maintaining and implermenting will power, Zen health boosters and more.

As the book cover says - these are real world ways to feel just a little bit happier every day.