Two young South African men who both excel academically and physically and thrive on danger, adventure and intrigue, by chance stumble onto a terrorist plot which they help to successfully foil. 
Their involvement comes to the attention and scrutiny of the intelligence community and they suddenly find themselves in the covert world of intelligence. 

This sees them investigating horrifying global attacks and being subjected to rigorous and merciless training during which they spend time in the bush wars in Rhodesia and South West Africa. 
Here they experience the attacks they were elected to investigate and are exposed to more peril and subterfuge in their ongoing hunt against maniacal forces bent on the destruction of the majority of mankind.

The pace is fast, harrowing and intricately interwoven and strewn with danger, leading to an apocalyptic and fearsome conclusion. 

About the author

Bernhard Schutte resides in Pretoria and was born of an Afrikaans family. He spent the majority of his life as an insurance and real estate salesman, developing into a real estate developer. 
He is presently still an active commodity dealer. Bernhard is also qualified as a pilot with licences on fixed-wing and micro-light aircraft, as well as helicopters. He is a right-leg amputee since 1997. This was probably one of the reasons why he started writing a novel which quickly captivated him and saw him spending hours in researching the topics in the book.

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