Author and producer E L James. Picture: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP
E. L. James would consider writing a gay romance novel. 

The 56-year-old author - who penned the best-selling erotic romance trilogy 'Fifty Shades of Grey' - hasn't ruled out creating a new series for homosexual men, and revealed that gay guys often write to her asking for a same-sex love story.

When asked in an interview with The Guardian newspaper whether she would create a tome with gay central characters, she said: "Never say never." 

The writer went on to explain that she feels penning the '50 Shades' book series - which follows naive student Anastasia Steele as she's led into a world of S&M by businessman Christian Grey - is "one of the most feminist things" she's ever done.

She stated: "Writing for women, entertaining women - because that's exactly what I want to do - is probably one of the most feminist things I've ever done. And that's it." 

The first novel was adapted for the big-screen in 2015, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the lead roles with Sam Taylor-Johnson at the helm, while James retained some creative control during the film's creative process. 

The movie was a massive box office success earning $571 million internationally, however, James admitted that there were "a lot of things" she would have changed about first film.

She said: "I would do a lot of things differently. That was a challenging experience. I had a far more creative process on the second and third movie, working with someone who had vision and dynamism and embraced the material. As a woman holding on to your IP [intellectual property] it's like what the f**k. I knew this was born of a fandom I knew it needed to be made right for those people. If we get that right it will be fine, it was just a struggle."