Flowers in the Sand

by Clive Algar

(Penkelly Books, R130)

I TEND to steerclear of most South African writers, simply because of their monotonous ramblings of a time gone by and complete lack of imagination. But author Clive Algar seems to be changing my opinion.

By blending the richness of his own fictional characters with one of South Africa’s most historic events, he has created an enticing journey of a woman trying to survive against all odds.

Emma Richardson and her husband Charlie decide to start a new life for themselves in a small mining town.

In their new home they seem to be living the life, but fate has something sinister planned for the Richardson family.

Emma suddenly finds herself at a crossroads and is tasked with either following her moral compass or having the sheer will to survive.

Although it is a tad short, it is completely engrossing and superbly written.

I am definitely going to look out for more of this author’s work. – Lloyd Mackenzie