Jackie Phamotse’s 'Bare' book series is the fastest-selling in SA

Author Jackie Phamotse with her book, Bare: The Cradle of The Hockey Club. Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Author Jackie Phamotse with her book, Bare: The Cradle of The Hockey Club. Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Published Oct 12, 2020


Controversial writer and activist Jackie Phamotse won the adult fiction award at this year’s SA Book Awards for her book “Bare: The Cradle of the Hockey Club”, a tell-all book about the dark underworld of blessers and slay queens.

Her latest offering “Bare III: Ego” is the final book in the three-part “Bare” series.

This time, Jackie explores human trafficking in our society today.

The series is the fastest selling series in South Africa.

“I am deeply honoured that the SA Book Awards sees value in my work. I do not write for myself; I do lots of research and it takes time.

“I started writing when things were really bad, and it was my escape. I never thought I would ever be on this level.

Over the last three years I have struggled to live up to my own expectations of what a great writer should embody, I never thought I was great. With all the critics and the social media attacks you start losing faith in your own abilities.”

The “Bare” series has introduced non-readers to the world of books – an accomplishment Phamotse is proud of.

Phamotse’s “Bare” series explores the flashy yet dark side of slay queens, blessers and human trafficking – all relevant topics in South African society.

“With the rise of human trafficking, organ sales, and several other social ills – my books address these in great detail.

“At this point my goal is to have the books in our education system as a reference for young people not to become victims like the characters depicted in my books, says Phamotse.

The SA Book Awards held a virtual ceremony on October 1 to announce this year’s winners and celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Phamotse was up against literary giant Zakes Mda in the adult fiction category, an honour she doesn’t take lightly.

“In the 80’s Ntate Zakes Mda was my father’s schoolteacher in Lesotho.

“My father later on located his books and passed them on to me and I have continued that tradition with my friends and nephews.

“He is truly one of our greatest gems in the literary space. I still look up to him to this day, so this was a bittersweet moment for me.

“He sent me a message saying he wants me to win this award.

“ I am therefore extremely proud that he approves of my work,” she said.

In the final book in the “Bare” series, “Bare III: Ego”, Treasure Mohapi steps into a world that many haven’t seen in Sandton; but her new way of life doesn’t come cheap as her bloodsucking master stops at nothing to prove his power.

With the increasing number of dead bodies, drugs and cults, will this love affair prove to be a way of life for many?

The wives of the rich and famous have deep, dark roots too.

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