Tracey Reign. Picture: Supplied
Tracey Reign. Picture: Supplied

Poet Tracey Reign tackles the 'art of love' in first book

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 23, 2020

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Motivation speaker and poet Tracey Reign releases her first book titled “Black Colours of the Rainbow”. 

The book is a showcase a variety of poems, penned and published by the youth leader and writer.

The book centres around femininity, belief and love. Reign insists the three themes are extremely close to her heart and what she really believes in.

“These three things can change the world and inspire millions of people to become the best that they can be,” says Reign.

Commenting on the book, Reign says:“ When God said: ‘Let there be light’, I appeared to craft humans into existence with him. The power he gave to me lies in my tongue. My love for writing began the moment I was born. From that day I realized my words can build, turn frowns to smiles and bring forth tears that birth joy. 

She adds: “The words in this book speak to women, men and the art of love. The themes intertwine with our humanity and though I have not lived for long, I have seen so many women cry, men hiding their emotions and young girls wondering what beauty is. 

Elaborating on what the inspiration behind her her book, the 25-year-old poet says: "My reason for writing this book is that words have a power and when they are left unsaid, they can kill a soul. I hope you discover after reading this book that words can birth the light you are after.” 

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