African Wildlife Quiz Book

Clive Gibson and Patrick Flood

(Random/Struik, R90)

This book is full of fun quizzes, interesting wildlife facts and games, as well as clever brain teasers and crossword puzzles. It will keep up to five family or young players entertained for hours.

As soon as you open this book and begin reading you will start testing your knowledge.

You can read the questions to your children to educate them, test their knowledge and stimulate them to develop enquiring minds.

Some of the crosswords and quizzes are more challenging and would suit older children and adults. The answers are given at the back of the book.

Clive Gibson is a graduate in industrial psychology and business economics, the author of 22 published titles, including Pass Your Learners Easily and The Secrets of Successful Selling.

He runs a consultancy as a trainer and motivational speaker, and is an avid wildlife enthusiast.

Patrick Flood holds an honours degree in business management, and is the author of three published titles and numerous business articles.

When not indulging his keen interest in nature and wildlife, Flood lectures at two leading institutions in business management studies.

Educators and school teachers would want a copy to keep their pupils thinking, with random questions, and develop their interest in wildlife. My young daughter and I are enjoying the quizzes. – Ed Lemke