Time to get tough: Making America # 1 again

By Donald J Trump

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Johannesburg - Donald J Trump is considered by many as the world’s most famous businessman, a bestselling author, a political commentator and the owner and host of the hit shows The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice.

Those who watched The Apprentice will recall how he hired and fired mercilessly those who failed to reach his very high expectations.

He does admit in his book that while it is often essential to fire someone, he does not like doing so.

In this book we meet that same tough, hard-hitting personality. He pulls no punches when he tackles some of his enemies such as President Barack Obama, China and the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec).

He writes that he loves the US and “I am saddened by what I see happening to our country. We are being humiliated, disrespected and badly abused. Obama was a leftist experi-ment that has failed and gone horribly wrong, and everybody knows it. Even friends of mine who voted for the guy privately admit that he’s been a huge disappointment. We cannot take four more years of this mess. Our children’s futures are on the line and we have to come through for them. We have to get tough so that our country can be great again.”

Trump states that when it comes to China, Obama practices “pretty please” diplomacy. He begs and bows and has been a colossal failure.

“Get it straight,” he adds, “China is not our friend. They see us as the enemy. Washington better wake up fast because China is stealing our jobs, sending a wrecking ball through our manufacturing industry and ripping us of our technology and military capabilities. If we don’t get wise soon, the damage will be irreversible.”

And he says the US must get tough on Opec: “ These oil thugs rip us off year after year. We have had no leadership in Washington willing to stand up to them and put a stop to it. We have spent hundreds of billion of dollars and thousands of lives in Iraq and now in Libya, and got nothing in return but disrespect and ingratitude. That must end. Now. I say we take the oil. No more free military support. Either you pay us to defend you, or we take the oil. It’s fair and smart, which is probably why the politicians in Washington haven’t implemented it.”

Trump has a lot to say about the media, some good, some bad. Some have treated him fairly and others have been rather mean. Larry King used to tell him: “You get the highest ratings.”

Trump says that everybody wants him to be on their show. Not because they like him, but because millions of people follow his views on world events, because they know he understands that their country is being ripped off by Opec, China and other countries. They know that the US is in big trouble if it does not get back on the right track.

And he says they know he is unafraid to tell it like it is. They respect what he has to say and believe the same things and know he is right.

One of the most interesting people Trump got to know was Lady Gaga. Five years before she was known, she was the entertainment for the Miss Universe pageant. Trump was the owner of the Miss Universe pageant and he was responsible for her being part of the entertainment, which was broadcast internationally. Lady Gaga was such a success that she became world famous.

A few years later she opened in New York at Radio City Music Hall. Trump was present and sitting with a group of major celebrities. Gaga gave a fantastic performance and afterwards her manager shouted: “Mr Trump, Gaga wants to see you, but only you, nobody else can come.”

Trump says she is a fantastic person, solid as a rock, and that he was very proud of her success because I “really believed I had at least something to do with it”.

We are informed that before the Republican nomination took place for the presidential election in the US, some of the aspirant candidates visited Trump at his office in Trump Tower. Among them was Mitt Romney. He had not previously met Romney. Trump found him warm and engaging.

“The public has to get to know him better. He gets criticised for changing his opinions, but over a lifetime I have seen many people who don’t change and they always get left behind. Smart people learn things, so they change their minds. Only stupid people never change minds.”

Blunt, and honest, Trump believes he presents a common sense agenda to restore prosperity and make the US respected again. It’ll be worth your while to get a copy of a book well written, easy to read and full of information by a successful businessman, if that’s your interest.