The Wolf Trap is the latest release in the The Limbo trilogy

The Wolf Trap is the latest release in the The Limbo trilogy, a literary suspense series set in Camps Bay, seaside playground for the rich. Wolf Trap, follows Lady Limbo, the first book in the trilogy, published to critical acclaim in 2012.

Paola Dante is a driven IT project manager employed by a multinational corporation. She reads war strategy books for relaxation and generally prefers technology to people with their random uncontrolled emotions.From a young age she’s believed matters of the heart are inherently messy and to be avoided.

But love surprises her; she had no resistance against Daniel de Luc. One day her husband Daniel, now a writer of French crime novels, vanishes from their apartment without explanation. After finding an unfinished manuscript he’s left behind she traces his disappearance back to a mysterious email and a tragic accident in their youth.

In Wolf Trap, Paola has assumed responsibility for caring for the vulnerable young girl who believes Daniel is her biological father. She’s determined to make it work and move on from the shocking revelations surrounding her husband.The truth is that ever since the night Daniel walked out on their marriage she’s found it hard to get on with normal life. Matters spiral out of control and one day Paola arrives home to find Simone gone.

To save her daughter and herself once and for all, Paola will face her every fear, her every mistake, and the past she thought she’d finally processed and left behind. 

About the author:

Roland’s debut novel, The ood Cemetery Guide, was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize and for the Olive Schreiner Award and appeared on a list of “30 Great Books Written by South Africans” compiled by the Centre for the Book. She lives in Cape Town.

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