It was sweat week and the top 10 were put in boot camp mode with the lovely, amazing and talented Lorcia (moment of silence) Cooper. If I were in a crew at this stage, she would have been our downfall. With all her natural distractions, what sane guy would hear what she instructs anyway? Okay, focus Munya.

Cooper was the right person for the stage with her vast knowledge of dance. Anyone who knows her depth of knowledge on the subject matter is aware that she gives the best advice and, if you may, demonstrations as well.

Speaking of demonstrations, it was interesting how all the groups were given a few seconds to prove why they were in the top 10. As usual, Vintage used the little time to show what they are capable of without breaking sweat.

Kudos to the channel for bringing in Amy Rosslind, who is an internationally-known dance guru. She, too, had positive words of wisdom for the young ones. Let’s get into how they did.


The African dance lesson was the most intriguing of the lectures. Thabiso Lekuba showed how the whole body can be used as a means of expression through dance. When he demonstrated it felt like a sudden step into an African rain-making ceremony. Black Converse, whose shoes must be worn out, had interesting interpretations of African dance. However, Tembisa Revolution, as usual, owned the rehearsal.


Kagiso Gumboots are getting to that point where you wonder how they made it so far. Poor Lorcia tried to sound irate, but the boys complained about the boogie dance because it required the use of hands and feet. They are a gumboots outfit and anything outside that scope is impossible for them.


The judges on this episode were the choreographers. The best must have been dancehall instructor Judith Mwamba, who believes songs tell you how to dance. She simplified that statement by giving some strong performances that few people could match. It wasn’t just dance, it was John Rambo training.


Seeing different groups try out various dance styles was interesting. Take the boogie style lecture that had Reptilez think they could take it on while Kagiso Gumboots on the other hand confessed that it was hard. A member confessed that they were not used to moving “like a robot”. WeDfye showed off with their necks during an interview. It was also interesting to hear them argue about how to pronounce the word “dance”. Some members pronounced it “dunce’ while others called it “dense”.


Just judging from the ability to adapt to any genre given to them Vintage easily come out tops. For a hip hop outfit they really step outside their mould.

Right after them is Black Converse who did the Bolly dance in a humorous but charming manner. Psychotics’ Achilles heel is probably going to be Kim. They can’t keep her if she’ll always suffer from breath- ing issues, but they can’t fire her since they have been together from the start. The competition is getting very tough and a decision has to be made.