Karkloof is part of the setting for The Boy from the Wild by Peter Meyer
The Boy from the Wild as told by Peter Meyer and written with international bestselling author of The Elephant Whisperer, Graham Spence gives a detailed account of Peter’s childhood growing up at Karkloof Valley Nature Reserve.

There is no place more apt than Karfloof Safari Villas to meet author Peter Meyer. Idyllically nestled within 3000 hectares of majestic rolling hills surrounding Pietermaritzburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal - abundant in wildlife with jaw-dropping scenery.
Peter Meyer’s autobiography, The Boy from The Wild, tells the story of Karkloof - the place where Peter was born and took his first steps.

Peter Meyer - The Boy from the Wild at Karkloof Safari Villas
Born in England to an entrepreneurial family, his father, James Meyer spent many years as a young man growing up in South Africa and fell in love with Africa. At a young age, overlooking the wild African terrain and a valley the Zulus called The Valley of Heaven, James vowed to return to this majestic part of South Africa and call it home.

James was called back to England to look after the family business which he quickly grew into a successful global property empire. 
However, he had left his heart back in South Africa,and 30 years later, after selling the family business, James moved back to South Africa to fulfill his dream, creating Karkloof Valley Nature Reserve.

Karkloof Safari Villas
Game life at Karkloof Safari Villas is abundant.
It was here that Peter Meyer, James’ son grew up surrounded by wilderness with elephants and rhinos in his backyard. Peter certainly grew up in no ordinary manner, and this special book is testimony to the many wonderful adventures he had growing up on the Karkloof reserve - from incidents with rhinos to face-to-face encounters with snakes.

As Peter grew up and moved back to England to attend school at age 9, he like his father, always felt a kinship to Africa and the land he had once called home. 
The Meyer’s sold Karkloof Valley Nature Reserve when Peter was young, but the boy from the wild never forgot his roots. 

A dazzle of Zebra at Karkloof
A dazzle of Zebra at Karkloof Safari Villas
When his father fell ill with cancer and subsequently passed, Peter re-examined his life.  For him, it was more than losing a deeply-loved father. James had been his best friend, mentor and inspiration – a man whose vast wisdom and sheer zest for life energized all round him.

I looked back on the life I had created, and felt that something had fundamentally changed in me when my father passed away. We truly had a special relationship and we both shared an unalterable love for Africa. My dad had followed his passions and dreams with such fervour, and I knew it was time for to do the same for myself. My dad and I both had a wonderful appreciation for the arts and I knew I had to do and I thank my father for instilling this in me,” recalls Peter.

The Boy from the Wild is a gripping tale of remarkable people fearlessly living out their  ambitions with honesty, vigour and courage. It also is a poignant story of a granite-strong bond between a father and son. A bond that could never be broken.

Karkloof Water Falls
Karkloof Water Falls
The Boy from the Wild is now available on Amazon.com and was officially launched in South Africa in February 2018. 

Karkloof Safari Lodge
Karkloof Safari Villas main lodge
In October 2017, Karkloof Safari Villas went under new ownership and the new owner, Colleen Glaeser,  plans to once again make it affordable to the public and a family friendly experience. 

Karkloof Safari Villas
Views from Karkloof Safari Villas
She has reduced the rates and introduced 3 new all-inclusive packages that range from R3950 per person. Each package has been carefully created to offer guests a spectacular and bespoke experience.

Karkloof Safari Villas
Inside Karkloof Safari Villas