The Folklore Festival returns for its third edition of diverse storytelling talent

Singer-songwriter, TV presenter and creative entrepreneur, Pilani Bubu. Picture: Supplied

Singer-songwriter, TV presenter and creative entrepreneur, Pilani Bubu. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 4, 2024


The Folklore Festival is returning for its third edition with a diverse line-up of storytellers across a series of fringe shows. The festival will be held on September 14 at the Women’s Jail at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg.

The Folklore Festival is the expressive body of culture shared by a particular group of people, inclusive of the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word-of-mouth. Inclusive of tales, sayings, dances.

In a statement, organisers said is was a great time for this community to come together again to share in our culture and heritage, to have those resonant conversations, to hold space for diversity and inclusivity, and to contribute to nation-building.

Festival director, Pilani Bubu said their goal for this year is to build and grow their community by creating intimate bonding moments both in their ‘folklore fireside’ and ‘folklore for kids’ event formats.

“Giving deeper focus to the multiple disciplines of art presented at our festival, as well as deepening the impact, intention, and meaningful work presented by our storytellers and collaborators. Our main festival will come as a finale and a celebration of the work we have done and the community we have invested in,” said Bubu.

The Folklore Festival is also celebrating 30 years of Freedom as they launch their creative platform for the year 2024: #WETHEFOLK.

“As a flexible workspace solution, Workshop17 not only supports the benefits of shared resources, but also promotes the importance of community by fostering meaningful relationships both professionally and culturally,” said Claudia Bentel, Workshop17 Art Curator.

What you can expect from this festival is a rich line-up of artivists and storytellers: from authors, filmmakers, actors, and oral traditionalists, to poets and musicians.

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