Trevor Noah

One of Mzansi's proudest exports and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah' s biography hit the shelves just a week ago and it's already being praised globally.

Columninst, editor and author Marianne Thamm, wrote: “Trevor Noah's just-published episodic biography, Born A Crime (subtitled Stories from a South African Childhood), should be a school set work. It is, in fact, a compulsory read for those South Africans who regularly incant that ‘people should just move on’. Writing from the inside out - and also the outside in - Noah's story excavates and lays bare, with extraordinary skill, insight and gentle humour, the corrosive and enduring damage exacted by apartheid, inequality and racism on the majority of this country's citizens. Noah is lucky to have escaped alive, a feat he could not have accomplished had he not been buoyed by the fierce love of his extraordinary mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah.”

Congratulatory messages have been pouring in across the world, with many encouraging those who haven't got their hands on this precious memoir to do so

Born a Crime is Noah’s story about born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother, which at during apartheid was regarded as a crime which carried the penalty of imprisonment

Through the pages of this memoir, Noah tells a series of stories of his upbringing and overcoming challenges such as poverty, violence and abuse.