Juicy J

Stay Trippy


Not A-class, but you will dance.

I’M THE first to admit that when I first heard Juicy J’s Bandz Make Her Dance I thought it was a song about a girl who loved music by live bands.

Well someone enlightened me that it’s actually a song about a stripper, and the bands that make her dance are the rubber ones that hold large amounts of money.

That’s Juicy J for you. Hidden meanings and street talk resting on loud hip-hop beats are his style. If you are a conscious rap fan then this is not your thing.

This is trashy hip hop with silly lyrics that aims to do nothing but make you laugh. A good example is So Much Money where he raps, “thumbing through so much money, I need three hands to count”.

This album is what Soulja Boy Tell’Em would call a classic because it sounds just like a CD he’d produce. This is good news for Kanye West who defended Soulja Boy when Ice T came down on him for “watering down” hip hop.

You either love or hate Juicy J but one thing is for sure, your favourite hip hop DJ has this CD in his collection. This is probably because you don’t have to listen to what the husky voiced rapper has to say but can concentrate on the beats instead.

Stay Trippy will be forgotten by December but for now most of its songs are flooding dance floors worldwide. – Munya Vomo