London - It is supposed to be the season of goodwill towards one and all.

But it seems that those warm festive feelings don’t apply to our mothers-in-law.

As if being the butt of everyone’s jokes wasn’t enough, research has found that they are also bottom of the Christmas present list.

It was revealed that over half (51 percent) of mother-in-laws are ignored by their son or daughter’s partner, while a further fifth will only receive a token gift costing less than £20 (about .R500)

Youngsters, of course, are the biggest winners at Christmas, with an average £206 spent on them, while partners get around £163 worth of gifts. Surprisingly, men are more generous than women when it comes to choosing a present for their other half – 50 percent of men spend at least £75 on their partner, compared with just 30 percent of women.

The survey of 2 000 Britons by Debenhams also dashed the myth that women are hard to buy for – as the most asked-for Christmas presents by both men and women were vouchers.

Jewellery came second, followed by clothing for women and books for men, with electronic gadgets coming a close third.

Daily Mail