In the wake of the surprise victory by Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, America will have his wife as first lady and Ayanda Thabethe is not impressed by what Melania Trump has to “teach” young girls.

The media personality took to twitter to post three photographs of the first-lady to be, in varying states of undress, with the caption: “First Lady of the USA. Yah ne... Looks for notes on what to teach young girls .... Be naked and marry rich maybe?! A shame.”

Trump was obviosly not the favourite for many in the election race, and many all over the world have come out to express their dissapointment at his win - including many South African celebs.

But tweeps were not willing to take the “disrespect to Melania” by Ayanda.

One tweep asked, [email protected]_ at what point did you feel to deduce that she is teaching young girls anything ? What are you teaching young girls?” While many went on to comment on how Ayanda often posts nudes with “fake deep” captions and how she should not diss marrying rich just because she dates broke men.

We don’t think she was ready for that! Here are some of the reactions:



Some tweep decided, the only reason Ayanda could have posted this would be: