‘I am fine. I had a feeling I was going to be evicted so it came as nothing of a surprise,” said the latest evicted contestant of Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets, Vanessa.

For her it was a just game and she had no hard feelings towards anyone who was responsible for her getting the boot.

“I think I first got a hint of my departure from Mzamo’s subliminal messages and in retrospect I say he did what he had to do so I don’t holding any- thing against him,” she said.

Although she had had fun in the house, Vanessa did not deny that she missed the freedom that came with being outside the house.

“Out here if you don’t get along with anyone you can easily move over to somewhere else, but in the house you have to deal with that person as they will remain in your space,” she said.

She thinks Lexi has a good chance of winning this year’s competition, although, she admitted, South Africa may have other ideas.


Playing pirates this week proved to be a good thing for the housemates.

Pirates are said to behave badly on any given day and this is what the housemates share in common with them. Again, it was another occasion for the contestants to show us their true colours because Big Brother has given them the perfect excuse to do so.

Kgosi and MK rose to the occasion as they decided how the story would play out.


Things are a little complicated between Kat and Kgosi and he is now looking elsewhere. His focus seems to be on Kat and while that would be great in a perfect world, here that prospect might never come to fruition. Kat gave him a few hints and a chance to pounce, but seemingly his time is up and she has moved on with Poolie.

They share a bed at night and spend the day joined at the hip. We wish them the best in whatever it is they have romantically.


So Lola wants to leave the house because she can’t handle the pressure. The nerve. Does she know how many people audition every year? And some of them are well deserving. Yet the ungrateful one wants to throw in the towel! It’s really unfair. It actually reflects badly on her and she obviously did not do her research on the show because the things that bother her are standard. She should just leave and Big Brother should determine if the others want to leave or stay till the end. We can’t have random exits every now and then.


Mzamo, MK, Poolie, Sol, Iris and Kgosi are up for eviction and it’s hard to call this one. A woman went last week so based on that we will have to save Iris.

Kgosi’s relationship with Kat makes for some interesting viewing so he, too, is safe. The same goes for Poolie who is in a steamy thing with Loko. Mzamo is going to be in the finals so we can’t touch him. So the lot will have to fall on MK or Sol, if there is justice in this world.

Then again, with Lola leaving, we shouldn’t have an eviction, right?

lBig Brother Mzansi: Secrets is live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 though all live Sunday shows are exclusively on Mzansi Magic.