If you thought squeezing water out of a rock is hard, try to get anything out of Kgosi (pictured) in an interview. The latest evicted housemate tends to lose track of the discussion at hand and takes such long pauses between his responses you think he has amnesia.

But maybe it’s an arty thing, and if it is, you’d have to be mighty interested in him to wait for him to come around and finish a sentence.

From the little we could get out of him, we gathered that he was happy being in the house because, as a filmmaker and script writer, he was inspired by ideas he could use for future film projects.

“A lot of people came to me with their stories and I just listened without them knowing I need the information which I thought would work for future film and TV projects,” he said.

Since it was akin to surgery to extract that much out of the man, we ended up talking about the final result and he gave us his predictions.

“There is a person I would like to win, and the person I think will win. I think Mandla should take it, but I have a feeling the gig will go to Iris,” he said.

We wish Kgosi all the best in his future endeavours.




On one end the housemates are trying to learn dance routines and on the other, Big Brother is brewing some trouble. Thando has been tasked to steal some costumes for the final dance.

This will obviously cause some fighting on the day of discovery, but here is the genius in all of this: Thando will never be the suspect. The only glitch in the plan is the fact that she has to choose a partner in crime and this might be her downfall.




There was that issue about the verbal spat between Lexi and MK. A certain lady called the newspaper not so long ago to speak out against the violence perpetrated by women in the house.

When you look at most of the cases when physical violence happens in the house, you will notice that it stems from verbal abuse.

Big Brother needs to tighten up this rule because verbal aggravation is just as bad as physical confrontation.

While MK was wrong for calling Lexi all those unprintable words, her con- duct is nothing any mother should be proud of.




Kate, Jase, Lola and Thando are up for eviction this week and this is by far the hardest choice South Africa has had to make.

Kat has always been a favourite among the male supporters of the show and this has saved her so far.

The same goes for Lola and Thando, too, especially faced with Jase. He is a cool dude and all, but if we look at the history of this game and even the testimonies of past contestants, the hot girls always have a longer stay in the house.

Get ready to welcome Jase, or I will buy you drinks.


• Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets airs live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 though all live Sunday shows are broadcast exclusively on Mzansi Magic.