Daniel Craig binged on junk food and booze after shooting the last Bond film.

The hunky actor endured a strict diet and gruelling exercise regime to achieve his impressive physique in Casino Royale, but when shooting wrapped he enjoyed a "wild blow out", including 007's favourite tipple.

Daniel, 39, said: "It's a pain at the time, but afterwards you have a chance to blow out.

"We promoted the film round the world and every city we visited we were lucky enough to visit the best restaurant they had. I hadn't touched food I loved for seven months, so I was like, 'Right, I'm eating this and stuff you all.'

"I had never drunk vodka martinis in my life but f***ing hell, I drank bucket-loads of them when we finished. We celebrated in style. I had a wild time, well, not a wild time, but I definitely relaxed."

Although the Liverpool-born actor is already dieting for the new movie, Quantum Of Solace, he doesn't plan to be as muscle-bound.

He said: "I was big for the last one, but I won't be as 'no neck' as I was then. I'm doing more boxing and running, but Bond still needs to look like he can kill someone when he takes his shirt off."