Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey’s twins have taken their first steps.

The Shake It Off singer’s husband Nick Cannon claims 13-month-old Moroccan and Monroe have begun to stand and are mastering the technique of walking - but it is taking longer than he expected.

He said: “They are taking steps and figuring it out, but I wouldn’t say they are walking yet. I thought walking was like, one day you stand then you just start walking. I didn’t know it was a process.

“There’s a lot of falling. They take a few steps and then fall and go right back to crawling.”

The pair are even in competition, with his daughter taking more steps than her brother.

Nick added to “Roc can balance himself a lot better. He can stand and bounce without falling for a long time. But Monroe takes more steps than he does.”

Since welcoming the twins last year Nick has suffered a number of health setbacks including blood clots and kidney failure, and he now tries to go no longer than a week without seeing his children.

The America’s Got Talent host added: “I try not to go seven days without seeing them. I’ll be with them this weekend.” - Bang Showbiz