The Dream


Ambitions of love and inspiration.

INTRODUCING himself for the first time since winning 2013’s Idols South Africa, Musa has successfully expressed himself in a love-filled and inspirational debut album. It seems to give more insight into what the 26-year-old singer is really about.

The 10-track CD is compiled of feel-good music aimed to inspire his fans to keep at their dreams. The first three tracks Angsakwazi, Nguwe (featuring Afrotraction) and Kudala Ngizula are worth the listen.

However, When You Believe stands out as a favourite. The upbeat song is just about the only possible party track that comes with positive and meaningful lyrics. The theme of The Dream is love and hope, ending with slow jazz-like songs.

This album is not composed of the best music, but anyone looking for jazzy, upbeat R&B sounds will be entertained. If ever you need to let loose and put your feet up, this is your perfect music selection.

Overall The Dream is a fair attempt and leaves you expecting more good music from Musa. – Hannah Chibaya