R Kelly
Black Panties


Should have a PG rating.


With a title like Black Panties you can tell what R Kelly is singing about. Every now and then he does some clean material, such as the albums Write Me Back and Love Letter, but he can’t hold that stance for long.

So now that Black Panties has dropped, a pun he loves to throw around, R Kelly takes you to the bedroom on all 17 tracks. The album starts with Legs Shakin’ which is a vivid account of a man satisfying his love interest. If you think that is odd you need to avoid Cookie and Marry The P**** which both get too anatomically descriptive.

Things calm down a bit on You Deserve Better and My Story, but this is not to say they are any cleaner. Essentially, if you are not trying to get pregnant then stay away from Black Panties because it will get you there. – Munya Vomo.