CHILDHOOD HERO: Saudiq Khan and Carlos Santana at the Table Bay Hotel after Khans performance.

IT WAS a performance to remember for Cape Town guitarist Saudiq Khan when his childhood hero and world famous guitarist Carlos Santana walked right up to him.

Santana was on his way to the Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront where Khan, 51, is a regular performer and Santana heard him play his guitar on Monday evening.

When Khan finished playing, Santana approached him.

“I could not believe it. He has been my hero since I was a child. He heard me performing on his way to the hotel. He walked up to me. I was honoured to have finally met him and he signed my guitar,” Khan said.

He said Santana had been accompanied by bodyguards.

”He is an honourable person and I think I am fortunate to have met him. It’s something that I have always wanted. I never thought I would meet him. That made me happy because now he knows my style,” he said.

Khan is to perform at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival next month.

“I would love to… perform with him.

“It has been a great year for me already because I have met someone I always wanted to meet. The great thing is that he was impressed with my music,” Khan said.

Santana, who has won 10 Grammy awards, performed at Grand West last night to a sold-out audience and is to perform again tonight and tomorrow. - Cape Times

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