Actress Courteney Cox, right, and her husband. actor David Arquette, pose for photographers at the A Night at the Comedy Store, a fundraiser to benefit the EB Medical Research Foundation, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles on Monday, Aug. 14, 2006. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Courteney Cox isn't happy her daughter is showing signs of acting ambition.

The 'Friends' actress has seven-year-old Coco with estranged husband David Arquette and says the youngster is already showing signs of following in their footsteps, which she is allowing her to do, even though she isn't totally “nuts” about the idea.

She said: “She does great accents. The other day she called up David and left a message pretending to be Kym Johnson, who was his dancing partner on 'Dancing With the Stars' and is from Australia. She said, 'Allo Dye-vid, it's Kym'. I can't do accents myself but she does them really well.

“She does like to perform. For Halloween, she dressed up as a dark angel in an outfit with black wings. I'm not nuts about that, but you've got to let her do her thing, right?”

Courteney can see influences of both herself and David – who mte on the set of horror movie 'Scream' - in their daughter's personality.

She explained: “I see both of us in her. She's very strong, feisty and independent, and she's also creative and sensitive. She's quite quirky and fun.” - Bang Showbiz