Keep up with the Private Practice drama, which rivals its predecessor, Greys Anatomy.

• Private Practice, M-Net Series, 20.30

Having made a home in Los Angeles and among her friends at the practice, neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery might have at last found true love with fellow doctor and friend Sam.

• Daddy 24/7, SABC1, 18.30

Sees four men and their toddlers stay in a remote environment and try to bond with their offspring in the absence of their mothers. Way to go, men!

• Empire, Discovery World, 22.00

Join British journalist Jeremy Paxman as he charts the story of the British Empire. Exploring its the rise and fall, he examines the influence of this powerful institution and the effects of the empire on the modern world and the impact it had on Britain. Visiting the former colonies, Paxman seeks out the extraordinary characters, burning ambitions and surprising principles which created an empire four times the size of Ancient Rome’s. From India to Canada, the Far East to Africa, Paxman investigates the many ways in which Britain took and held power; spread ideas and attitudes, including a love of sport which laid the foundations for almost all the major sports of today; and became the centre of the largest global financial network the world had ever seen.

• The New Adventure of Old Christine, Comedy Central, 18.25

Not long ago, she used to be just Christine, a woman in control of her life and her career, until her ex-husband, Richard, began dating a younger woman with the same name. Saddled with the unfortunate new nickname “Old Christine”, the woman who once seemed to have it all together begins struggling to keep it all from falling apart.