Emma Watson. Picture: Instagram (@emmawatson)
Emma Watson. Picture: Instagram (@emmawatson)

Emma Watson: I've experienced the full spectrum of sexual harassment

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jan 12, 2018

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London - Emma Watson has experienced the "full spectrum" of sexual harassment.

The 'Beauty and the Beast' actress has been the subject of unwanted advances during her movie career, but the 27-year-old star doesn't think her story is "unique" because the issue is a "structural" problem in Hollywood.

She told Variety: "It's amazing because I have experienced the full spectrum [of harassment].

"But I think that for me, what is amazing is that my experiences are not unique, the experiences of my friends are not unique, the experiences of my colleagues are not unique.

"This issue is so systemic, structural."

And Emma thinks it is "really crazy" that most women claim to have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in some form.

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She added: "The statistics around - even in the United Kingdom - women between the ages of 18 to 24, huge, huge, huge numbers say that they have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

"You realise, if you speak to most women, they have an experience, they have a story. We're just uncovering. We're just scratching the surface of this, which is what's really crazy."

The 'Harry Potter' star wore black to the Golden Globe awards on Sunday, January 7, in support of the Time's Up anti-harassment initiative and she previously revealed she felt "really emotional" about the campaign.

She said on the red carpet: "We're wearing black in solidarity.

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"It makes me really emotional actually, thinking about this movement that we've put together is across industries, it's across communities, it's across spaces. It's such a show that this issue doesn't just affect women in Hollywood.

"The issue is affecting women everywhere, in every country around the world. It is global, it is systemic, it is structural, and we're all joining together in that tonight to amplify this message."

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