We all dream of sudden riches and already have a list of things we would buy with the fortune. Unfortunately, most of us never get to see these dreams reach fruition so we go on with our miserable lives, hoping.

On You Deserve It we see some lucky people have their lives changed almost overnight. Modelled on an American show of the same name, it invites people who want to play games and win huge prizes for others they feel are in need.

The contestants nominate someone from their family or community whom they think needs money to further their philan-thropic ideas. The show is hosted by Sydney Matlhaku and Nkanyiso Bhengu (pictured).

While Matlhaku is the studio presenter, Bhengu reprises his role from the Omo adverts which see him go door-to-door to break the good news to the winners.

“Omo is sponsoring the show and since I am their ambassador, they asked me to step in as the field host,” said Bhengu.

For him, being on the show is more than just another gig, because he touches so many people’s lives with the good news he brings them and he never gets used to their genuine reactions.

“It is always exciting to go out there and make a difference in someone’s life. So I go out and knock on the doors of the winners and when they see me there, because they know me, they have an idea of what's going on. So then we play iPad footage of the special someone who played and won for them and they usually cry,” he said.

Looking back on what they have shown so far, Bhengu recalled some memorable episodes that would make you want to catch the show.

“There was a lady in Cape Town whose house had burnt down in the Eastern Cape, so she had moved. She is the only breadwinner and yet she is a maid.

“She lost everything in the fire and the white lady whom she worked for entered and played for her, winning R98 000. So I went to surprise her and she was crying. The kind of crying that is genuine, and it was heartwarming,” said Bhengu.

“There is also another one of a coloured lady who is married to a Zulu man and they are old.

“She teaches young women in her area cultural things like how not to lose your virginity at an early stage. Someone played for her too and she could not believe it when we walked into her yard,” the presenter explained.

A renowned musician who was with Joyous Celebration for years, Bhengu revealed that when he is not busy with TV work he is promoting his solo album.

“I released an album last year and it failed because Universal was going into transition because they had merged with EMI. They decided to focus on other musicians who are more successful than I am.

“I left my music with a lot of radio compilers, but very people played it. Universal even called me last week to say that they were letting me go and I told them it was fine. I am going to do this on my own,” he said.


• You Deserve It airs at 6.05pm every Sunday on e.tv.