Britain's Prince Harry (R) and Pippa Middleton stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, following following the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London April 29, 2011. REUTERS/John Stillwell/Pool

London: Since Pippa Middleton’s stellar performance as maid of honour at the royal wedding, there has been a sense of growing hysteria surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister.

Such is the interest in Pippa Middleton here and in the US that Pippa – known now by such monikers as Her Royal Hotness and P-Middy – is to be the subject of an in-depth documentary made by cable network TLC.

The appropriately named Crazy About Pippa airs on Tuesday, August 9, at 9pm, when, it is said, “those closest to Pippa provide insight into the life and work of the future queen of England’s sister”.

Though that would mean Catherine takes centre stage to divulge details on her sister, it’s doubtful revelations will genuinely come from those “closest” to Pippa. Still, the show will no doubt be well watched, discussing Pippa’s rise to notoriety after William and Catherine’s wedding.

It will take in the Alexander McQueen gown Pippa wore to walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. It will also touch on her now infamous derrière which, after the wedding, won its own Facebook fan group with a 230 000-strong membership.

Since Pippa is yet to make a television appearance, and certainly would not have taken part in the production of the show, it is difficult to imagine what the programme can report that our Pippa-obsessed nations do not already know.

Cable channel TLC suggests, tantalisingly, the documentary will discuss Pippa’s relationship with Prince Harry. But details released by TLC that new brother-in-law Harry refers to her as a “foxy filly” is likely to be as salacious as it gets. What is true, though, is the network’s claim Pippa is Britain’s “most eligible bachelorette” – although long-time boyfriend Alex Loudon would balk at the term.

No doubt, he would like to think of his girlfriend as very much spoken for.

It is not the first time Pippa’s name has been mentioned in the same breath as a television channel.

Shortly after the royal wedding, it was reported she had been offered $5 million (R33.45m) by Vivid Entertainment to star in a porn movie, and is listed as the contestant Strictly Come Dancing judges would most like to see on the show.

Odds on that one actually happening? Slim to none. – Daily Mail