Undated handout photo released Sunday April 29 2007 by the British fashion chain Topshop of model Kate Moss wearing clothes from her own fashion collection. Topshop is braced for a rush of customers when a new collection designed by the supermodel goes on sale on Monday at the company's flagship London store. (AP Photo/ Topshop HO) ** NO SALES **

London - Over decades, she’s made her fortune from her poise and grace on the world’s catwalks and glossy magazine covers.

But unfortunately, Kate Moss is becoming famous for having a little less elegance when it comes to her choice of words.

The 38-year-old supermodel, who will celebrate her first anniversary with musician husband Jamie Hince, next month has once again managed to risk alienating women with an ill-thought-through remark.

Asked in a magazine interview whether being married might have affected her sense of style she replied: “No. Definitely not. (Jamie) would go mental if I started dressing like a wife. He likes me when I am a rock and roll kind of girl.”

The comment irritated some women readers – who quickly gave it a dressing down online. One said: “Dress like a wife? I’m a wife, I wasn’t aware there’s a dress code for the position. I dress the way I want, not according to my marital status. Stupid woman.”

Another said: “What a very stupid and sexist remark coming from a WOMAN no less. Just what exactly is a ‘wife’ style of dress?”

“Bit of a condescending comment, really” another wrote. “You seem to be inferring that all other wives dress like trolls.”

Another said: “Kate whether you are married or not you should still dress in what you feel comfortable in.”

But the gaffes did not stop there. In the same interview Moss, who is famed for her waifish, skinny frame, also dished out fashion advice to British women, warning them to stop flashing so much flesh. She suggested that women struggle to dress well in hot weather because they are not used to it.

Asked what her one piece of fashion advice for the British public would be, she said: “In the summer, the English people, it’s not our natural thing, no. So it’s ‘put it awaaaaaay!’.”

It is not the first time Moss has offended with an ill-advised comment.

In 2009 she caused controversy after revealing one of her mottos is “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

Speaking to Grazia, the Moss also claimed there are some “things she can’t wear” as she has grown older – but struggled to explain exactly what she had ditched from her wardrobe.

The model, who has a home in London and in the Cotswolds with 43-year-old Hince, from rock band The Kills, and her daughter, Lila, nine, from her previous relationship with former magazine editor Jefferson Hack, was recently reported to be worth £50 million.

Despite her remarks, she admitted some aspects of domestic life – namely, her pet dog – called for a few wardrobe concessions, adding that she has given up trying to wear high heels when caring for him.

Asked if she dressed more for day or night, she said: “I’ve got a dog. He’s eight months. The dog is making me more ‘day’. I am having to rethink everything. You can’t walk a dog in a heel. You look ridiculous.” – Daily Mail